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Shandong: because the middle with my racquet business fairly OK, so I was quite busy, plus record of things come in once a busy time enough feeling, that when indeed doing? I still like this stuff myself with modeling

NetEase entertainment: that this album is what genre dominated it?

Shandong: mostly pop rock, but there is also some of my creations, a little more light jazz or punk feeling. I have three songs monster beats by dre review, one is the lyrics and music, and the other two words.

Netease Entertainment: you not music foundation?

Shandong: In fact, I like unusual to see some of the things on the road, I casually referred to on the phone inside there! Kindergarten school the YAMAHA (music classrooms) beats by dr dre cheapest price.

Netease Entertainment: Your new album of Sandee teacher’s taste is heavy in the teacher’s big pressure?

Shandong: I think the pressure is constant because of Sandee really badly. I was not good enough to make people think I am how this ear headphones, so that there is no pressure is impossible, a lie.


Netease Entertainment: Sandee teacher recording ferocious?

Shandong: No beatz headphones, yeah! In fact should i buy beats by dre, when at work beats by dre pro refurbished, Sandee will maintain a very happy mood cheap studio beats, so I will not be too much pressure beats by dre pro vs solo. Because she felt that if she is fierce to me, I may poor performance beats dr dr DRE Ibeats Beats, but the opposite effect, so the process of cooperation, I feel very happy.

Netease Entertainment: When you compare like to sing what song it?

Shandong: the usual is casually hum and sing like pop music how are beats by dre made, I also quite like to sing, because I like to go to KTV singing, sometimes chaotic sing.

Netease Entertainment: beat up people from the network to the singer hoodie headphones dr dre studio headphones, you still want to challenge for the entertainment of the place?

Shandong: In fact, I quite want to try acting, because every time someone saw that I would say: I quite like to try acting up and be like where to get free beats by dre beats by dre solos hd, I want to play funny beats dre headphones dolby headphone, I would feel embarrassed because you really want to play the girl! But if you want me funny, I would rather put the opening. (Laughs)

Netease Entertainment: promotional period costumes work so busy how to do?

Shandong: before they have to remind me that, so now I may have, please help me with processing foldable headphones, or else, like two months promotional period compare beats by dre, you really do not have time.

NetEase entertainment: the opportunity to be able to see you go to the Mainland performances?

Shandong: there are no plans Lamborghini Dre Beats, but I’m really quite hope to Mainland performances, because now find many mainland friends told me that he liked me.

Netease Entertainment: So while first in Taiwan to promote it?

Shandong: In fact xbox headphones Michael Jackson Beats, today (October 12) there is my own first concert ticket, next October 20 in Kaohsiung Pier 2, October 26 in Taichung reverberations There are another two concerts, and I hope people will come to participate authentic beats by dre pro.

NetEase entertainment: to the Mainland, then you will want to use what the Mainland fans to know you?

Shandong: Actually, I hope they know me singing pretty.

(This article Source: Netease Entertainment)
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Sally Jinyang – Yangcheng Evening News reported on October 17 Any interest selection dr dre wireless cheap studios beats, light and heavy makeup skullcandy skullcrusher headphones real beats by dre gold headphones, but always choose not lying earphones vs headphones, through the first slow , beautiful and rich the Jisi the characteristics of Chinese folk melody beats dr dre price colorware beats by dre wholesale cheap beats by dre, to know fate of Sally sing the self be true My current state of mind which beats by dr dre are the best dr dre beat tours.

Sally have the concert one exhibition dance dr dre beats cheapest original beats by dre, song MV homeopathy also invited two Latin dance guru cooperation beats by dre review best buy hp beats Beats By Dre Justbeats, Sally provoke lyrical slow dance in front of the camera beats by dre review beatbox by dre Beats by Dre Solo HD. Nearly missed fall dance teacher during filming she complete 360-degree rotation cheap beats by dre for sale, but also slugger holding a circular motion , consider themselves action customize dre beats dre beats solo black Beats by Dre NHL, and afterwards she exclaimed :
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Wang Zijian (Figure)
Guo Degang (Figure)

Southern Entertainment Weekly October 15 reported comic circle war of words between the growing number of years, from the early years of the little-known cross time Huobian moment throughout the capital, began the debate of the mainstream and non-mainstream the issue as a disciple, Guo Degang seems to become the antithesis of the comic industry; Hou property debate regarding comic Joneses fully implicated again Hou Hou involved, while Guo Degang and Jiang Kun , the Guo Degang Wang Zijian disputes and set off again. The events involve cross Scorn counterparts not only comic circle beats by dre monster cheap, playing a reporter several times since the event but also to the

event playback

plagiarism scripts, first pull the black again apologize

the Wang Zijian and Guo Degang disputes cause of the incident earmuff headphones, an involved Guo Degang’s The plagiarism

September 12 lebron beats by dre studio Beats By Dre Pink, Guo Degang in the North exhibition organized by the This time after the show, triggering a lively discussion of users – the so-called new work, more than 80% of the contents of the works from the network and peer network or other original author how much are beats by dr dre, and can find a clear provenance plagiarism traces is very obvious, and involves a number of professional writers beats by dre limited edition colors, protected content.

scripts writers also did not give a minimum of respect. Stand-up comedian Wang Zijian subsequently issued microblogging support their friends and partners: stand-up comedian Internet jokes understandable beats by dre sport, but free use of a bit .. beats by dre returns. I considered a little money … I basically have to pay . kobe bryant headphones.. own microblogging this matter completely cover speaking out.

after this incident metal detector headphones, Guo Degang also made a microblogging can be seen for the response to this event to make: hatched today we should eat the monk, too stronger .. beats dr dre detox limited edition. the annual birthday Wishing hope I care about you? want red like crazy? such bad eyesight best headphones 2011, with eyes pee? less play the fool, you and a mouth that I can see the flowers on the pants. exhibitionism? days people perish they first make mad . beats by dre dr.. not knowing introspection … really quite heartbreaking … squalling not ability beats by dr dre and monster.. beats by dre studios for sale best deal on beats by dre beats by dre pro fake vs real Pink Beats. cheap beats studios dr dre monster beats cheap.. beats dr dre solo. rational unreasonable! thing and apologize, but criticized by everyone, Guo Degang first pull black the original author, again its apology behavior is deemed to have no sincerity halo headphones. October 3, Guo Degang update the contents of a the Scripts writers involved Marber yung respond to the matter: The screenwriter the Ning Caishen even behind the original author Beats Michael Jackson, should copyright protection, Zhicuojiugai and.

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Jincheng Huan .













NetEase Entertainment reported on October 10 by a the Chinese Jie special joint (Super Jet) teamed CJ EM skullcandy headphones cheap, Korea , China and South Korea together to create a combination TimeZ, in the consecutive two members of the public headphones t shirt dr dre monster beats pro, attracting more and more attention pink headphones. The first openly members Maoruo Yi hoodie with headphones Cheap beats, and the second Members Liu Guanxi trailer is a public monster beats by dr. dre solo headphones, it caused a strong reaction of the fans cheap beats free shipping, and very much looking forward to on the back of four members wireless gaming headphones samsung bluetooth headphones. Today , TimeZ is openly combined first Korean members – Jin Chenghuan where can i buy beats by dre cheap beats by dre studio wholesale beats solo hd.

Korean members Jincheng Huan is a typical Korean pretty boys looks quality headphones where is the best place to buy beats by dre, fair skin, eyes blurred , good-natured temperament , a trace of an elusive handsome look white dr dre beats. Owners extraordinary singing dance strength , hip hop skills high strength POPING LOCKING everything good monster beats store Spiderman Beats by dre, aspire to be a successful one like BoA as singer to engage long humorous personality makes him full of mystery Qui confusion atmosphere beats by dr dre pro red. Jin Chenghuan very cherish each good for him Beats By Dre Lambrghini, also favorite mountaineering , apart from practice and the players were playing games together beats by dre on sale cheap blue skullcandy headphones, like gentle girls like my mother .

TimeZ a combination of the names of the original intent for the focus point of TimeZ = time + zoom how much are beats by dre, Chinese meaning group


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Chen Yao and friends together, her boyfriend Cao Yu (right) low-key appearance.Chen Yao Ning Caishen Beats By Dre Ferrari.Chen Yao and her boyfriend Cao yu.Netease Entertainment on October 13th reported that Ning Caishen’s new “Longmen star” is Yunnan Lijiang hot shot, Chen Yao went to a back, in the play as a heroic spirit with female sheriff cheap studio beats by dre discounted beats by dr dre.
In 12, Chen Yao was sent on a micro-blog compare beats by dre, sun Mian Ning Caishen et al October 2nd in Yunnan Shuhe town team photo, Chen Yao Cao Yu also low-key appearance.05 years of Chen Yao in the TV series “Wulin rumored” Guo Furong angle win support among the people, but also because of the play she and Ning Caishen become excellent partner all black beats by dre, Chen Yao also in micro-blog on “Wulin past” said miss.
12 18 am, Chen Yao made a micro-blog people in Yunnan Shuhe town team photo, there are “new weekly” founder sun Mian monster beats by dre studio, the writer Kong Ergou, Ning Caishen and others.She writes: “it is a small world.#10 month 2 days, the ancient town of Shuhe # @ Sun Mian @ Liu Chun @ hole in two dogs.
@ Ning Caishen”.Photo, Dayao dress feather dr dre headset, with sake bottles smile.Netizen laugh says, wearing down Chen Yao and wearing short-sleeved “in a season doctor dre earbuds beats by dre earbuds price.Chen Yao’s boyfriend Cao Yu low-key appearance Beats By Dre Pink, it was Chen Yao’s first published photographs of micro-blog boyfriend beats by dre monster outlet.
05 years of Chen Yao in the TV series “Wulin rumored” “Guo” in a corner of it win support among the people mini usb headphones, but also because of the play she and Ning Caishen become the good partner where to buy beats by dr dre.13 days of before dawn kidz gear headphones discounted beats by dr dre, Chen Yao in micro-blog on made a movie scene photographs of fireworks, “said:” the past “nostalgic memories such as fireworks how much is beats by dre solo, look gorgeous, but also can not come back rasta skullcandy headphones.
cheap dre beats headphones. monster beats review dr dre solo hd headphones. # deeply miss the past #”.Ning Caishen’s play “Longmen star” at the end of 8 in Lijiang starting pink beats by dre, many users saw Chen Yao later said that it was “Guo Furong upgrade” solo dre beats.The sharp-eyed netizens also found Chen Yao low-key exposure boyfriend banquet with the photo, that the legendary “Mr Bean” is true ebay beats by dr dre.